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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What is the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) ?

Thanks for visiting my personal website today. Dear friend, I am Tulsi Ram Bhandari from beautiful country Nepal and I am an SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) freelancer. Today I will write my opinion about Search Engine Optimization and how it works.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is the process of visibility to find your website in search engine every time exact or related keyword. SEO is the process of promoting your website, YouTube channel, or other materials in search engine. We know everyday million plus a keyword search in a search engine and find exactly user need. Search Engine is an unpaid process to advertise your work on online. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) may target different categories or kinds search, including website, local area search, related video search, academic area search, related news search and industry specific search show on search engine pages.

Search Engine optimization is the process to advertise your website without any pay. SEO is the process of marketing and collecting your customer or reader online. If your online presence of collecting backlink, directory submission, high PR blog commenting and submitting in search engine is the most valuable for high priority in search engine result pages to find your website or work.  After writing fresh and unique content, then your website rank high in search engine easily. Today I will show you which the best way to improving your website in search engine.

Visibility Improvement Method :-

On page SEO

On page SEO is the most important part in SEO field. If complete on page SEO search engine, fast crawl your website and give you organic with targeted web or mobile traffic around the world. On page SEO is a process to make your website fulfill with design, internal link, submit robots, and other method.

  • Keyword Research

The keyword is the most important part in search engine optimization ( SEO ). After research, you can only promote your website.

  • Competitor and Analysis Research

Competitor and analysis research is the second most important part in SEO field. If you have not any competitor you can easily rank your website on the internet because of competitor and analysis research is most important.

 Off Page SEO

  • Link Building

Link building is the process to link your website or work other website. After publishing unique content, reciprocal link in another website to connect or find search engine friendly link.

  • Directory Submission

Directory submission is the process to submit your link with short description in directory website.

  • Quality Blog Commenting

Related blog commenting is the great way to promoting or received organic traffic around the world.

Conclusion :-

Thanks for reading own writing article about Search Engine Optimization. I hope you really like this article. If you have any type question or comments please post.

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