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Saturday, May 5, 2018

How to Create a Gmail Account | Create Google Account | Tulsiram Bhandari

Gmail is a free advertising support email service developed and managed by Google. Gmail users can easily access email on the webs and be using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols. Gmail started April 1, 2004, created by Paul Buchheit.

Gmail is easy to create an email account as you want your new address a different username or more storage capacity for your message. You can use single Google account to Google services like Youtube, Google Plus, Google Play, Google Docs and many more.  A Gmail offers robust spam filter and other major function for easy to use. You can easily use it to archive old mail or as a backup.

How to create a Gmail Account easily ( To create new Gmail email account )

1.     1)  Visit official page “ Create Your Google Account “ for new Gmail account.

2.    2)   Enter your first and last name in the name section.

3.    3)   Type or choose your desired username.
' Gmail followed username by “” extension. If you choose username is Example or your desire” for instance, your Gmail email address is '
4)  If Gmail lets you know that your desired username is not available, enter a different desire name or choose your username available on proposal or Gmail suggestion for you.

5)  Enter a strong password for your Gmail account under create a new password and confirm your password section. Choose Strong and difficult to guess email password for your email.

For enhanced security, you should later enable two-factor authentication for your Gmail Google Account.
6) Enter your birthdate and gender.

7) Optionally, Enter your mobile number and alternative email. Google uses this information for account verification and authorization to protect your privacy and allow you to recover a lost your password.

8) Type characters in the captcha picture to prove you are not a robot and select your country then click next step for complete signup process.

9) Review Google’s Terms of service ( TOS ) and Privacy Policy agree to order to complete the signup process.

10) Select the option that you want to Verify your Gmail account via text or voice call.

11) Now, Your Google or Gmail account created and the welcome page will appear on your screen.

12)  Click continue to Gmail Account …

Access the Gmail Account and Your other existing email address
You can easily access your Gmail email on the web and mobile app. There are many Gmail app available for Windows 10, IOS and Android mobile. Just download desktop or mobile compatible with your devices and sign in. You can easily access your other existing POP email accounts for sending and receiving mail around the globe.


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